Confidence. Real success in life-the kind that leaves one feeling genuinely fulfilled on many levels-cannot be achieved without it. But how do we attain the confidence levels needed to realize our life’s potential? Is confidence something that is learned, or does it exist naturally in some people while others have to make do with their lot in life.

A determined mindset, positive attitude and belief in God are critical factors in all I have achieved my 2nd World Powerlifting Championship.

The energy, and passion, I have for what I do is infectious and serves as motivation for those who know me best. Let’s face it. We all would like to be the best at what we do. Projecting confidence and maintaining a positive attitude will contribute greatly to this aim.


After many months or years of pounding away in the gym you may wish to compete in a bodybuilding contest/powerlifting/fitness bikini fitness/figure and so on. Of course not everyone is interested in competition. In fact the vast majority of people in the gym have no intention of competing. But for those of you who do want to compete in the future, this article is a must read.

Why Compete?

One of the benefits of competing is improved progress. Bodybuilders who compete make better progress then those who do not. One reason is that regular competition forces you to cycle your training. Thus the body is constantly receiving new training stimulus and responds with new muscle growth.

Another reason that competitive bodybuilders make better progress is because they tend to make a great effort to learn as much as possible about the sport. With more knowledge comes better progress. Knowledge is power!

And there is nothing like competition to bring out the best in someone. A fifth place finish last year will motivate you to bust your butt to place higher this year. This constant effort to be the best will only lead to the top.

When choosing your first competition make sure it is far enough down the road that you have enough time to prepare. Deciding to enter a contest that is only a few weeks away is crazy. There is no way that you can get into top shape and have a good posing routine prepared in such a short period of time.

Its very important to choose a contest that is most applicable to your physique level. If you are a teenager then you can enter the teenage or junior division.

An individually pre-competition training program and determinate nutrition program is available on request!